Live story of a young Man’s DEATH.

Live story of a young Man’s DEATH. During the burial of this young man, another young man was crying out his heart. He wept uncontrollably that many people kept wondering what is wrong with him. I dropped the microphone as the MC and went and took this weeping young man to a corner, calmed him down and he started to explain. He was with the guy that died the day he met his death. He drove off first and on getting to a particular spot, he noticed that some
armed robbers were getting ready to block the road and resume operation. He managed to escape. He started calling his friend to tell him what he saw, that he should remain where he was. This friend would not pick his call. To him: “why is he calling? He should know that I am driving right behind him”. He refused to pick the call as this guy kept calling and calling. Finally, he drove into the now ready armed robbers and they pumped countless bullets on him. He died on the spot and armed robbers stole his car.

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