Transgenderism In Schools: Guidance Needed

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Dear Brothers And Sisters,

A CitizenGOer suggested this to me as an important petition. I think she’s right…

***As I’m sure you’ve noticed, in the last few months transgender ideology has become one of the hot topics in schools across the UK.

Just in the last few weeks we have witnessed

Transgenderism has become a hot button issue recently and many parents are deeply concerned about the introduction of this ideology into schools.

Faith schools in particular are going to have to engage with this ideology, and many faith leaders have been called upon for guidance: the Catholic faith is no exception. But this is not only a “Catholic issue” (36% of pupils in Catholic schools are not even Catholic.)

Please sign this petition to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference and the Catholic Education Service asking for urgent guidance on this issue which respects the needs of all pupils but does not introduce this ideology into schools.


• the appalling treatment of Nigel and Sally Rowe after they removed their son from his school due to the introduction of transgender ideology into the school.
• a Catholic all-girls school in Hammersmith has saying that children should use the “preferred pronoun” of pupils who do not identify as female
• a Catholic primary school in Southwark has introducing gender neutral uniforms.

Many people, especially parents, are deeply concerned about the advance of transgender ideology in schools. And Catholic schools cater to people of all backgrounds, Catholic or not, and so this is an issue which affects us all.

Other faith leaders have been asked for guidance on this topic, and the Catholic faith is not exempt from having to deal with this issue and provide clear direction.

Please sign this petition asking the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, and the Catholic Education Service for clear guidance on this important topic.

Of course, in one sense, this is not a problem. What name a child has and how he or she chooses to dress does not really matter.

In another sense however, this is very important because the school are teaching all the other children, implicitly or explicitly, that it is really possible for men to become women and women to become men.

It is this aspect of transgender ideology, implicit in the introduction of gender neutral uniforms and “preferred pronouns”, which many people do not accept.

Parents send their children to Catholic schools for a variety of reasons, one of which, for some people, is the traditional understanding of sex and marriage which Catholic schools should teach. The introduction of transgender ideology runs in direct opposition to this and, as said, parents are concerned.

Please sign this petition asking that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference produce clear guidance on how Catholic schools should approach this sensitive topic which takes account of the pastoral needs of all pupils and does not introduce this ideology into schools.

Yours sincerely,

Greg Jackson and the entire Team at CitizenGO

PS Everywhere, from workplaces to schools, is going to have to engage with transgender ideology in some manner. Catholic schools are not exempt and they cater to the whole of society. About 36% of all pupils in Catholic schools are not Catholic.

How Catholic schools approach transgender ideology is an issue that affects people of all faiths and none, not just Catholics.

Please sign his petition urging the Catholic Bishops’ Conference to provide guidance.

PPS For more information and our sources, click here.

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