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Guidance Needed on Transgenderism in Schools

For the attention of Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP, Paul Barber, Head of the Catholic Education Service and to whomever it may concern at the Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

Dear All,

I write to you at a time of great concern at the state of education in this country in regard to the issue of “transgenderism” in schools.

I was recently alerted to the fact that an all-girls Catholic school in Hammersmith has said that children should use the “preferred pronoun” of pupils who do not identify as female. Similarly, St Anthony’s Catholic School in Southwark has introduced “gender neutral” uniforms.

These are just two examples of an issue which is entering into British schools, and Catholic schools in particular need clear guidance from the Bishops about how best to approach this topic.

I recognise that gender dysphoria is a distressing condition and children who present with this need sensitive and compassionate care, but experts believe affirmation is inappropriate given how few children persist in this dysphoria.

I am sure that many people, particularly parents, are concerned about this issue but are justifiably apprehensive about speaking out especially given what happened to Nigel and Sally Rowe. The Rowes have taken their son’s former school to court over the introduction of transgender ideology into it. They have since been subject to persistent attacks in the media and online.

Parents of all religious persuasions and none send their children to Catholic schools expecting firm Christian teaching in regard to the issues of sexuality and marriage.

It seems that in some Catholic schools, this is not happening at all.

Other faith leaders have been asked for guidance on this topic, and the Catholic faith is not exempt from having to deal with this issue and provide clear direction.

So, I ask that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference produce clear guidance on how Catholic schools should approach this sensitive topic which takes account of the pastoral needs of all pupils and continues to respect a traditional understanding of sex, marriage and personal identity.

Such guidance is sorely needed, and you must not shirk your responsibility in this regard.

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