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No We Don’t. It is simply Not True That Most White People Consider Themselves Superior To Anyone. The Answer Is True Because Even Black Parent Buy White Doll To Their Kids. Even the kids don’t even love themselves because of their parents brainwashed. No white child will ever choose black doll to white because they have been told they are superior over others. Watch the video carefully please. The question was: Why do she a good a child ? “The white child answered because she looks like me”. Educate your child by allowing them to know the privilege they have of been that particular race. Race doesn’t come by mistake get It.

Racial Psychology: Why Some Black People Want to be White?

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If every white woman you saw was “trying to be black,” you would correctly assume that there was some deep, dark, psychological process at work.

Perhaps some sort self-hatred, envy, desire to emulate . . . something.

Doubtless there would be TV shows about the phenomenon, about what psychological sea-change had occurred to make this happen . . .

Yet strangely enough, almost all black people today have gone to the most extreme measures to appear as white as possible—and no-one has dared to explain it on a racial psychological level – except, of course, to blame white people for “racism.”

Black hair straighteners, or “relaxers” as they are now deviously called, have flooded the world market. They are as common in Africa as they are among black populations in Europe and America.

Everywhere you look, African females suddenly have straight or “good” hair, as they call it.

The black comedian Chris Rock has even made a film about the phenomenon, called “Good Hair” which revealed that his community spends $5,000 per treatment to get “good” (i.e. straight) hair and that the industry is worth $9 billion a year in America alone.

You hardly see a “natural” haired African person any more. In addition, skin lighteners are all the rage, with a lighter skin tone being openly acknowledged as being “better” and associated with beauty and intelligence amongst black communities. You hardly see a “natural” haired African person any more. This is how the real beautiful Africa woman look like.

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