Racist thugs caught on camera attacking busker in Glasgow “Some Black Leaders will Ever Learn?”

by solomon on

All these racism will stop if ”Only you add value to your own colour”. I wonder what some embassador’s are representing, whether to provides humint policy guidance of his country accreditation or to seat on the executive chair like a robot.?

Why is it that all white race in some Africa countries are well taking careOf ‘Precisely Nigeria Shell and Sharon companies and others which I can’t mention now but in white man land black is like liability to their society. So many blacks and other race are struggling to have their work permit but in their own country white people is like a king without a single stain. Both Black, White and other race need each other to survive, no one should treat like an animal. We are all human beings, bleed the same blood, worship the same God. We need to come together and balance the equation.

This just makes me sad. I’m black and my best friend is white. We all bleed red blood. We all want to be happy. We all want what’s best for our children. We only have one planet. This world would be a much better place for all if it wasn’t for racism. Stay strong friend. I’m sick to see this abuse on an innocent man! Who gives a hoot what colour or race he is. we all human beings!
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Written by: solomon

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