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What do you think? Is this backside too much for her? Anywhere “This is suffering and smiling because there is nothing special that comes out of those asses so mind you”

butt4What do you think is this too much for her? Anywhere, this is suffering and smiling because there is nothing special that comes out of those asses so mind you “Don’t be deceived with  all those asses everywhere”Don’t worry very soon some of those asses are already surrendering to gravity, a few more years coming they’ll need to be locked up with arthritis, rheumatism and osteoarthritis you can not cheat the nature after adjusting all your muscles to one particular area of your body you think it’s just a fun. Wait sooner or later you will hear different medical grammars from different medical Doctors.

Below is her life story and experienced: Vanity Wonder, author of book “Shots Girls” who herself spent over $15,000 on illegal butt and hip injections, opened up about her addiction to butt injections. Vanity, who nearly died after contracting an infection from a shot. Vanity became an internet sensation when she posted pics of her developing booty and all the hardships she faced. She revealed, Click  Here 

‘When I heard about bútt injections I thought it sounded stupid but after a year in that environment as a dancer, everyone was doing it, it wasn’t such a foreign concept. I thought I might as well try it. ’Then it became a competition – not for men but against other women. So many of us were doing it because we wanted to better than the other person.’ ‘It did become addictive but it got infected so I was left with lumps. So I had a choice, I could have a medium-sized lumpy bútt or keep padding it with silicone to make it better. So it wasn’t my goal to get this big but padding it with silicone is how this happened.’
Vanity says she’s speaking out because she doesn’t want other women to get caught in the trap. She claims it’s ok to get butt implants, but ladies should stay away from bútt injections. She added, photo‘Truthfully I would like smaller bú tt but I’m happy I didn’t die and still here for my children. I did so much dumb stuff with my body I’m lucky that I’m still living. When I look in the mirror, I think I would like a smaller bútt, it’s hard to go shopping, but I’m just happy I’m still here.’ [Wrote by: AmeboNg] [See more photo]

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