Cheaters – Girls True Story!

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Why is it that when man cheated on his girlfriend it’s man’s fault but when she cheated on her guy it’s man’s fault as well? Can you imagine what she is saying “How could you do this to me”?  [Please be patient  when watching this video].

cheatinggirlShe played the victim as though she was innocent. Never trust woman with their female friends when something strange start occurring in your relationship at close intervals. I don’t get how she was in denial?  She kept saying she loved him then at the end she said she didn’t love him?   She will get what is coming to her sooner or later.   Playing with peoples emotions is a dangerous game.   True example of how pretty girls get away with murder.  The pretty ones are just beautifully broken!

After a long period of suspicious thoughts, a man finds his girlfriend cheating on him. I think Women have higher chance of cheating than men.  Women will never consider themselves wrong when it come’s to cheating on their guy. Sadly when they get caught it’s the man’s fault.

Lesbian is  fake man mix  mentally ill woman  , lesbian is nothing but a sick person with no identity , man will always be a man  and woman will always be a woman , lesbian is ugly girl who was wishing to be a man or mentally ill person who is suffering from bad past or mental disorder condition  , as a guy who hang out and have sex with the most beautiful girls on my city. I had fucked a lesbian girl and I got the woman out of her , I made her vagina scream from the pain , I fucked her like a beast  , 8 inch monster dick will show you that you are nothing but a woman and you will never be a man , and I agree with you about one thing , never hit a woman. [wrote another user].

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