Reasons Why Young Women Are Attracted to Older Men And the Results at End.

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Have you notice that 96% of young women that dated older men are on the dating sites looking for young men in order to get their life back. She have the money but no happiness “WHY”?

Dating Older Men is exciting isn’t it? They are typically better in bed, more experienced with women and have more money than the average guy. These are just the basic of why women want to go on dating older men versus younger men, but ladies, there are other reasons Below, I’ve got the top 6 reasons why dating old men is awesome and why older men are a great choice!

Although dating a younger guy can be fun and exciting, typically when you are dating older men, you can tell that they are more established.


When it comes to intelligence ladies, do you notice that older men are typically super smart and can carry on great conversations? It all boils down to experience guys! If you are looking for stimulating conversation, typically the older guys are it!


There are tons of reasons why dating older men works, but the sexual experience alone is a great reason. Not only are older men typically extremely sexually experienced, but they really listen to their partner. If you’ve had a string of bad sex relationships, you might want to try an older guy!


Older men are mature. They aren’t going to make inappropriate jokes that will cause a fight. They aren’t going to force you to hang out with their partying friends who will down shot after shot. He’s more likely to invite you to quiet evenings with interesting conversation.


If you’re placed in a dangerous situation, you’ll feel safer with an older man than with a younger man. You’ll be reassured by his wisdom and assume that he’ll be able to save you from whatever hardship occurs. He’s your knight in shining armor.


If you’ve been dating men your own age for your entire life, you might want to switch it up. Dating the same types of people over and over again can get boring. An older man can give you the change you’ve been waiting for.

So ladies, these are just some of the reasons why dating older men is awesome! Older men are so mature and really know how to treat a woman. So ladies, what do you think about dating an older man? Would you do it? LightupNaija Latest Review:

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